Garage Door & Gate Repairs

Normally the last thing people think about in their home is the garage door or gate. Although they are probably the largest moving objects in and around any home, people tend to take for granted that it will always open and close without fail.

If you are one of those people, don’t feel bad! We have all been there. You can hear that the garage door is starting to make a noise. At first you ignore it until the sound becomes louder. You then make a mental note to call a garage door repairman, but as soon as you exit the garage it’s out of sight – out of mind.

Of course the inevitable happens. You are probably already late for work, you press the button for your squeaking garage door to open and bang! Something snaps and your garage door comes to a grinding halt with your car still stuck inside the garage. Does this sound familiar?

Contact a reputable garage door repair technician instead of trying to fix the door yourself. Believe me it is worth it. Apart from the garage door being very dangerous in that state, a qualified technician will probably be able to fix the problem much faster, safer and more efficient than you would be able to.

Bear in mind that any garage door will be under extreme spring tension, so loosening cables; brackets etc. can be very dangerous.

What is the moral of the story? Have your garage door serviced by a qualified garage door repair technician at least once a year and you will not end up in a bind!