Garage Doors:

Aluminium, Aluzinc, Wooden and Roll Up

It is very important to choose carefully when picking your door as the right product and design will certainly contribute substantially to the over-all look of your home, the lifespan of the product, and ultimately to the value of your investment.

If cost is your only factor to consider when deciding on your new garage door you are likely treading on thin ice, and the inevitable result could have a less than pleasant outcome.

As the garage door is usually the largest moving object in the house, it has the possibility to be hazardous or perhaps even life threatening when inferior materials are being used and if the door is not mechanically kept in good condition routinely. This is why it is necessary to consider the quality of the products utilized and the upkeep requirements prior to your final decision.

Normally there are three major aspects to a garage door. The hardware is the operating system which consists of all the parts that holds the door together and assists in the opening and closing motion of the door. Be careful of unethical providers who will certainly set up inferior quality (normally imported) hardware which can trigger a door to fail and even fall out triggering damage to your car or even physical damage to a person not to mention the security danger of not being able to secure your home at night.

The third aspect is the door operator. Just like hardware it is necessary to select a trustworthy, preferably locally manufactured in South Africa motor that guarantees after-sales service and accessibility of extra parts to avoid having to change the entire door motor due to the unavailability of spare parts. Please make sure beforehand that all the safety standards are met.

New Door Ltd is a Pretoria based company that can assist in finding the best possible garage door for your home. We specialise in Aluminium, Aluzinc, Rollup and Wooden garage doors.